Monday, February 24, 2014

Update almost 1 year later

It has almost been 1 year since Owen fell and landed in the hospital. We have had some big changes in our house and our lives since he was discharged. 
A big thanks to muscular dystrophy canada and my,friends and my parents for helping to get the Bathroom renovated for my boy! 
My boy also had his room renovated to give him more space! 
He no longer walks or stands but he keeps his chin up and smiles everyday! He has even helped to change the fire policies at the Highschool for people with challenges! I'm very proud of him! 
His brother Brayden has also learned to transfer him and is a huge help to all of us! I am equally proud of Brayden too. I'm one lucky mom. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 67- The Last Evening

The last full day, the final outing and the final mall trip. Packing and gearing up to leave. Those are the themes of the day.

Owen was up and ready this morning to head to the pool for a water fight with his room mate Christiaan and his PT Vance. No physio was done in the pool today just good clean fun.

They had a huge group BBQ for lunch today for all the kids who left this month. Even the parents helped with cooking group today. Owen's previous OT headed over to see the boys off as well.

They played games and had lots of fun! Owen had school then mom headed down to PT to learn how to transfer Owen properly. He did super well. So proud of all the work he has done.

We packed up our room and headed to Moxies for supper with the roomies! Then off to the mall for a short time. Ice caps and back to the unit.

Owen spent the evening hanging with his buddy and mom visited with her friend across the hall.

As happy as we are to head out, we sure are gonna miss our new friends. But we know we will see them lots in the future under much better circumstances.

Thanks to everyone who has followed Owens journey. It doesn't stop here. He will be going to physio in Hinton 3 times per week. Afew challenges remain including our bathroom and waiting for equipment but a great deal of things have been accomplished. Thanks unit 201 for everything!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 66- Redemption and Stormy

Wednesday June 12, 2013

Today was a very strange and blustery day. Mom woke up still a little flabbergasted over yesterday's stuff. Owen had a hard time waking up this morning too.

Off to school Owen went. The teacher decided to make the school conference when mom is gone because he "thought" mom wouldn't want to be there. He doesn't know mom very well.

Mom headed out to do some shopping in the rain, mailed out a very special package and then returned with McDonalds for the roomies. On her way back the nurse questioned mom about yesterday and appologized for the misunderstanding. That was nice.

In the afternoon Owen made a candy dish at shop then transfered as a one man standing transfer x 3 in PT. He was pretty proud of that. Mom arranged PT in Hinton for 3 days next week.

Mom had parent group today and all the kids had to be in the dining area due to tornado warnings. We got to see a lot of lightening but otherwise the weather was not too bad.

Mom made Tuna  casserole for supper and had a nice visit with Tanya and Amanda. Tanya's hubby and Katelyn got all of us ice caps. We all had a good laugh when Christiaan accidentally dumped his ice cap, and Owen said it was "ice-capitated".

We finished the night visiting with the roomies and packing up the pictures on the wall. Amanda,Tara and Christiaan also gave Owen a Mario and Luigi blanket and a water gun for tomorrows watergun fight. Owen refused to have any other blankets on him tonight. He would only use the Mario!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 65- The Countdown Begins

Today was a bittersweet day. It all started with being woken up by a frantic nurse who said the team was coming in for rounds. She made us hurry and get up in case they came. They never did! She was rough on us all day but we are tough!

Owen headed off to school and mom did some networking. After that mom headed into a Family Meeting. The whole team of professionals from the Glenrose and Hinton were there. Apparently we should have had a family conference in the beginning and middle but only ended up with the end one.

Mike joined us by phone. Each professional discussed what they were doing and what should happen next. Lots of Physio work and equipment talk. There was one blindside initiated by the school teacher however we nipped that in the bud right away.

Although the day started rough we managed to get to Amtej's going away party. She was a very beautiful ballerina and the kids loved the pizza and piniata. She also loved the jersey from Owen and his dad.

Owen had PT following and almost fell however he tried to stand again and did great with only a 1 person assist. Looks like we will need a transfer belt. Still waiting for a cushion and transfer board.

Both mom and Owen had a little rest while Owen was on his tummy. We gave Christiaan and Katelyn their gifts today as well in private. They looked pretty sweet in their jersey's.

Then Christiaan's mom treated us to the movie This Is The End. Owen really liked it but mom thought it was pretty cheesy in a sort of boy funny way. Ice caps and a little visit to top off the night. Only 3 sleeps till discharge!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 61-Day 64- The Walk and the Visits

Day 61- Friday June 7,2013

Today Lori arrived to visit at the unit. She came up to join us on the MD Walk in Hinton.

Owen had physio and gave the student PT Kyle a thankyou card. It was his last day today. He stood with assistance today and is getting a little better... He was able to stand for 2 seconds with only one person assist.

Christiaan and Lori joined us in the Atrium for lunch. Hotdogs for all! Then we had a little visit.

Lori followed us to Hinton and Farm nana and papa were there. Mom and Lori took a quick trip to Jasper to see Wanda and Celebrate at Evil Daves for Barbs birthday. To finish the night we had her party come to our house...all 4 of us lol. It was a good night.

Day 62

The MD walk was fantastic. Just under $12,000 was made with our team making over $4100.00 of it. What a great turn out... And the ambassador was adorable! Owen actually really loved it since he was not the center of attention this year. Lots of food, car washes and fun. Terri and Katelyn came out for some fun too. And Lori did what she does best! Volunteered.

It did rain a bit but nothing stops our spirit! One guy even played his guitar on the walk. And as usual the Hinton fire fighters did a great job supporting us. Thanks for doin all the work so we can participate to the fullest!

That evening we went for supper and because we were wearing our shirts a fellow donated another $100.00. Finished the night playin blokus.

Day 63

Was a typical sunday.. Rainy so lots of cleaning got done ... The trailer is ready for camping. We had BBQ and again played Blokus.

Owen had a little upset moment and said he was not sure if he was
ready to be done at the hospital next week. It was a rare moment since Owen doesn't like to share his feelings very often. Turns out he is just going to miss the awesome group of friends he has made. He was fine after and settled for the night.

Day 64

We returned to the hospital by noon for Fine Motor Group and PT. Mom talkex to the PT and the OT to be sure there was not more to be done. They assured us all Owen would need is what Hinton will provide.

So we continue with discharge friday while working on trying a standing transfer by wednesday. It looks like we should get a quote on the bathroom this week and lift and commode are on order. Still no cushion for the wheelchair or funding for the other half of the stair lift. Nor are we sure about where the funding will come from for the bathroom but it will be so much easier once we are home to sort out.

We headed to the mall with Christiaan and his mom and aunt tonight. They are such a nice bunch of people. They chatted about their plans and party this week. Including a water gun fight with PT, a pool time together and one more dinner out.

The two boys spent the night visiting and dodging nurses to shut the tvs off. Family conference tomorrow with hinton and the team here. Should be fun.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Owen had a very busy day today with no free time! He started with school, followed by cooking which they made fruit salad. They then went outside to release the butterflies they watched hatch the other day.Owen would not let his go he said until his "bud" Christiaan was out there .He was a little scared of them when they flew off his hand.

He had his first PT of the day on dry land which he stood still supported but with no splints. He was very happy about this!

Lunch was hot dogs at the atrium with Katelyn and the moms then back to school. He had his last PT of the day in the pool which is his favorite. He is going to be sad when his PT student is done tomorrow but he loves his regular PT too.

After a nice shower we headed out to shop for Barb with the usual crowd and Owen got to shop with Christiaan all by themselves. They had so much fun terrorizing the mall in their wheelchairs all alone. Of course we were not too far away.

Christians aunt bought Owen a Yoshi backpack so now the boys are nearly twins :). Christiaan, Amtej and Katelyn's families have been so generous and made Owen feel super special the last few months. Big hearts on this unit.

Mom took Christiaan back to the hospital with Owen and the boys spent the night stayin up late and driving the nurses crazy! They had a blast! Mom visited with the other moms till 11pm.

Great day

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Today was a typical wednesday. Owen stood with assistance twice today. He recieved a quilt in rec today and got to pick one for his brother.

He made a cloth patch while mom was at parent group and some of the moms cooked supper together tonight.

It was a rough day for many of the moms today so it was nice to sit and visit together and forget about all the things we are worrying about, coordinating or have no control over. This really is an interesting environment to have to live in but we are trying our best to get there.

Owen is loving having so many new friends but he too is ready to be home. :)